a recording studio in northwest tennessee
Services & Pricing


Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering$45 / hr

Video & Photography

Capture, Editing, Storyboarding$45 / hr


Transfer single cassette to digital (2-hour max)
$25 / tape

audio cassette transfer

Transfer single cassette to digital (90-min max)$20 / tape

3D Modeling

Design, Layout, Rendering$45 / hr
Things to consider before you record.
If you have never recorded before, here is a short article to give you some ideas about how to budget.
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Audio · Video · 3D
Bronze offers multitrack audio recording, mixing, and editing.  
But what a lot of people are often surprised to discover is that we also work with video, whether recording events, commercials, & concerts; or transferring old VHS tapes to a digital medium.
Additionally, given the unique niche Bronze occupies at Soleil, we also provide 3D CAD design for construction and landscaping.
VHS transfers
Even if you still have the VHS player, you likely don't have a way to hook it up or you're too worried about wearing out the remaining views to risk watching.  We can transfer your tapes to digital format (thumbdrive, DVD, YouTube, whatever!) that you can share with friends and family.
Bronze is set up to accommodate sessions large and small, whether your band has a sixteen members or one.  The tracking room is 31x35 feet with a 150 sq/ft isolation booth.  The control room is 15x20 with comfortable seating and located inside Soleil, so when you're waiting on the drummer finish his tracks, you can step outside and look at pretty flowers.  (At left, a few members of the Small Town Big Sound project. )
micah barnes
owner operator
Bronze began as "Girls&Boys" studio in Murfreesboro, TN, in the early 2000's, initially as an in-house production for micah's personal writing projects.  Over time, friends and different acts began coming to track with micah, each time increasing the demand required for his studio and his skills.  Indirectly, this studio grew and relocated to Soleil in Union City, TN, and was christened "Bronze" (following the trend of naming the studio based upon the foremost project at the time, this one being 
Musica Ostium Infernum).
Old & New
At the heart of Bronze is a Stevenson Interface Electronics 24x16 and a Universal Audio Apollo 16, allowing a little of the best of both worlds:  the subtle saturation from analog pres into crystal clear AD converters.
contact micah
info at bronzerecording dot com

(731) 885-3005

2317 Nailling Drive
Union City, TN 38261
Hours are based upon scheduling and appointments. 
Stop by during business hours at Soleil or contact micah via email (info at bronzerecording dot com).